How to Generate more SaaS leads

Cloud computing is getting larger day by day. The big companies are converting their service to be cloud-based. This is an excellent thing for both users and the software developer.

The big companies are presenting their software as a Service ( SaaS). Now you would be thinking about what SaaS is and how to generate more leads for it.

Here is a full guide of what SaaS is and How to generate more leads for it.

What is SaaS?

How to Generate more SaaS leads

Software as a Service or simply SaaS is a service that provides cloud computing technology to its users. This means that instead of installing the actual software you can access it through the internet that is running on the company’s servers. This can be any kind of software from a utility software or an entertainment product.

SaaS comes with its own advantages but as you all know nothing is perfect so it also has some disadvantages. The key advantages of SaaS over traditional models are that SaaS has accessibility, operational management, and compatibility. More ever SaaS is much cheaper than the install model of software. This makes it easy to access for more businesses.

The biggest disadvantage of SaaS applications is that they always require an internet connection. This is a problem nowadays but it will not be a problem shortly as the internet is getting easier to access and cheaper. This isn’t that much of a big problem as SaaS provides an offline mode with basic functionality.

There are many advantages of SaaS applications, one of them is that its ability to run through an internet browser, regardless of which is used to access it. So according to this, if the user is trying to run the application on Windows, Mac, or Linux (or even a smartphone running Android or IOS ), the user is still able to access this application which makes the SaaS application incredibly versatile in two more different ways.

So the main advantage of this is that you don’t need to worry about it if the operating system or other software will be compatible with SaaS applications. Moreover, they can use this application in the office on desktop computers as well as on mobile devices such as tablets. SaaS applications are designed in such a way that it is mobile-friendly so that they can be used in any situation and circumstances.

Following are some important advantages of the SaaS application :

One of the best SaaS applications is that because they run in the cloud, the vendor can update their software centrally without affecting their business operations. The SaaS model access to new features for its users by avoiding the pitfalls of testing that slow down the development of cycles.

The main advantage of the SaaS application is that the lack of initial investment required to use it, which leads to the biggest selling point about it. In addition to this, if you want to add more users to your service or want to reduce them, you can simply adjust your billing plan accordingly, which is not available in more hardware when expanding.

Not only in limited and some targeted markets, but people are also able to supply a software service to the majority of markets. This means that it can be cheaper and easily accessible to every size of business. This improves business services, productivity, and general opportunities for its users.

Data storage means that any backup plan for any kind of hardware failure can lead to data loss. To cope with this problem SaaS data is uploaded to the cloud server on a routine basis. This not only reduces the data redundancy but also provides an ease to employees to work from any device without the fear of getting the data lost.

In SaaS data is centralized this makes it easy to collect data and use it for analysis purposes. This provides businesses with valuable data that can get businesses valuable insights.

Now that you have understood the value of SaaS it’s time to understand the way to generate more SaaS leads.

How to generate more SaaS leads?

Getting a lead is a difficult thing but it’s not impossible. It is difficult because there are millions of companies available who are providing the same services as yours so they need to stand out to generate SaaS leads.

Here are some of the tips that will help you to generate more SaaS leads.

1. Social Media Strategy

Today literally every person is on Social Media. The majority of people have multiple accounts on Social Media. People are spending most of their online time on social media. That is why companies not only have a Facebook business page but they are also on Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, and LinkedIn profiles for marketing. 

Today 90 % of the companies in the US are using social media for marketing purposes. This is due to the reason that everyone is on Social Media for lead generation. It has its own advantages and disadvantages. As the presence on social media is great for business growth but it is the same thing that everyone else is also doing so the competition is increased. But it is not impossible to standout in 

The idea is that you should be using multiple social media platforms rather than just Facebook. Some of the customers are more interested in Twitter, others are more active on platforms like Facebook or Instagram for their own use. The business must have a professional presence on these platforms, not a casual performance.

The biggest key to generating B2B leads on social media platforms is to be more and more active on these platforms. By taking time for creating a profile on these platforms is a great thing but just leaving a profile after its creation is a big mistake. Leaving your profile as it is is just a waste of time you invested in the process of professional-looking profile creation. You should be more and more active on these social media platforms to generate a potential lead otherwise they will be going with your competitors.

For instance, Linkedin alone generates 80% of business to business leads on Social Media platforms. According to the majority of executives, it is the topmost platform for posting relevant and quality content, and also for generating B2B marketing opportunities. Here are some of the suggestion that will help you to get more active on LinkedIn:

  • Linkedin has a feature that notifies its user that how many people have viewed their profile? You have to visit the profile of the people who have visited your profile. This will show them you have visited their profile. This will help you to get more future interaction with them.
  • Try sending these people messages. It could be a small and simple interaction like ” Hello, How may I help you”. This message will engage those people and they can be your potential customers.
  • Publish content on your own personal account with the help of the LinkedIn Publishing Platform. Write in a way that will let people know that you are well aware and have experience of B2B interaction. Providing people with tips and tricks will turn those people into your customer. Writing on your personal account will make your customer aware of your company.

These tips can be applied to all of the social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook etc. The presence of your business on different social media platforms is necessary but you also have to be using your personal account to interact with your customer. This will help you to generate more SaaS leads.

2. Make Webinar

These days  Webinars is very useful for the generating of leads. Webinars are quite effective for lead generation you all are well aware of this. To get more leads from Webinar first off all notify your audience about the webinar early so that they can get to your event. For attracting more people, you should be decorating your pre-webinar campaign with great content, and by posing different kinds of questions.

You know that Webinar always provides you with data for the engagement of the audience. These Webinars will help you to establish a connection with your audience. Improve your presentation skills to improve your confidence. Just start working on your skills and you will become a master of Webinars.

Webinars are great for generating new SaaS leads and attracting new customers. It is recommended that you should start doing Webinars in order to generate more leads and convert them into potential customers.

3. Provide data According to your Business

Presence on social media is a great thing but it is only a half side of the coin. The other is your content that will convert them into a potential lead. Otherwise, they will be going to look for different SaaS providers for their needs.

Use accurate data to let your customer know that you are the best in your field. Try to think from your lead point of view. What are the things that you will be looking for in a SaaS provider? Customers are generally thinking about these two things. How much will the service cost? How will it increase the business?. So try to provide your customer with these answers.

Take the help from numbers for the demonstration of your skills that is great for converting viewers into potential leads. Try to make your business data more visible and appealing. 

With the help of numbers, you leave a lasting impression on your clients, and with the help of detailed data you should also back them up to reinforce the value of service that you are provided to them. The main thing that you should need to keep in your mind is that you are using the data that is targeted directly to your future customers. 

You should also need to lead at varying stages of their purchasing histories. It may also happen that your customers are using this service before or maybe they are new. You should need to carry the information that attracts the newbies and industry veterans alike. If you are going to provide excess information it will either overwhelm your leads, and they may think that your company is not focused, or worse, boring. So you should need to keep your data concise and diversified as much as you can.

A concise and clear data will provide your potential SaaS leads with your motives and offers. Concise data will helps your audience to understand your future mindset and what are you providing them.

4. Mastery of SEO

Most of you will be fully aware of the importance of SEO but for some newbies, it would be a relatively new thing. The tags you are using directly affects the number of leads you generate. This seems obvious, but for companies that have too much to manage they often take the importance of SEO for granted. SEO is one of the important things in the process of SaaS leads generation.

If you are only learning new skills for management that will be a good thing for your business. But what is the need for all new skills if no one can find you on search engines? I am not telling you to not learn a new skill but also focus on SEO.

With the help of the Google keywords research tool, you can easily find what are the most important to your SaaS. A great collection of keywords can help you to generate a large number of leads.

You can also combine keywords to increase your Search Engine Optimization. Use different types of keywords because it is much more effective than only using generic keywords.

Try to use relevant and trending keywords.

Also, try to change your keywords over time as the demand of the audience changes over time.

To get your SEO to the point you must’ve to do great SEO research. Here are some of the tips that will help you while doing keywords research;

  1. Try to think from your client’s point of view and think about what you will search for if you are looking for a service.
  2. Always go with targeted customers. You can’t use keywords that are related to the audience of any other industry.
  3. Also, try to add general keywords with long-tail keywords

Most new people only quit after doing off-page SEO but On-Page SEO is also as much important as off-page. Most people think that you only have to write good content and people will be reading it somehow.

I totally agree that you must have to be writing great quality content to generate more traffic but you should also be focusing on off-page SEO especially when you are a SaaS startup.

5. Increase Buyer Satisfaction

Google is a great source for leads generation but it is not the only source for lead generation. Leads can also be generated from review sites that are attached to your business site, lead can also be generated from a great review of a satisfied customer. You can increase your customer by understanding your buyer’s journey, this will provide you with an increase in lead generation.

Determining the customer path will help you to improve your customer experience. Once you have determined the customer journey you will also be able to attract a new audience.

The journey of the buyer consists of the buyer’s side. The initial step in the buyer’s journey is the need for service. The next step of a buyer is the selection of whom they select. Finally, they select a company from which they wanted to get served.

It is a great advantage in business to business when you understand what are the requirements of lead. You can also raise the things that they want. About half of the B2B customers don’t go with the vendor that doesn’t provide enough information.

By understanding what are the requirements of your buyer will allow you to generate more leads. Try to answer questions like when a potential lead will be searching on Google? Will they react to your Link? etc. 

If your link has a strong message for your potential clients, make your company message clear to yourself then you will be able to make it clear to your leads. Make your company message as clear and concise as you can. Because the majority of the clients have made their mind before talking to the seller, so try to improve your company message.

A satisfied buyer will also redder you to other people which generates more SaaS leads and will provide you with new customers. It is recommended to increase the satisfaction of your existing clients to get new ones.

6. Get Referred by a Site

The referral has played a key role in creating new leads. Today on the internet a blogging site related to anything is available, no matter what your industry is. 

By doing guest blog posts on blogs that are related to your industry you can easily increase the number of leads you are generating. These are the websites where the majority of the potential leads according to your industry will be available. By doing guest posting there you can easily get potential leads from these sites.

Most of you would be thinking that what is guest blog posting? As the name suggests, writing content on different websites that are not yours. This will attract all of your potential SaaS leads.

If you make a schedule for guest posting regularly on already established blogs it will single-handedly increase your number of leads. So it’s recommended to do guest posting on these sites regularly by yourself or by assigning an employee. If you will post with consistency it will greatly increase the number of leads you are generating. You can only get noticed by new potential clients when you will be doing guest posting with full consistency regularly. Also, it’s a win-win situation it will provide content to the blog and you will get your potential cus.

So it’s recommended to do guest posting regularly that will increase your number of clients and direct the traffic from there. Which will in turn increase your SaaS leads. 


By generating more leads you will increase the number of your customers which will, in turn, increase the profit. By generating more SaaS leads you will be able to earn more profit.

By applying all of the mentioned methods you can easily increase your SaaS leads. By combining all the tips and working on them you will see a visible difference in SaaS leads generation.

To get more leads always try to think from your client’s point of view, fulfill your audience’s needs, and improve your SEO. 

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