Ultimate Guide To Growth Hacking For SaaS (2021)

The current technology phase taught us how important it’s to stay updated to reach a subsequent goal. But the competition is quite higher, which means you’ll have to strategize the planning.¬†

The business rules used to change and business growth depend upon evolution that needs to be maintained at certain instances. When it comes to the SaaS business, the competition is tough, so consistent change is necessary. If you’re supposed to maximize the SaaS business’s authenticity, you need to think outside the box.¬†

If you’re the ones who are looking for legitimate hacks to growing the SaaS business, make sure to stick with the post till the end, as I’ll be concluding the best in class strategies to grow the SaaS business in 2021.¬†

With that being said, let’s get to dive deep into it.¬†

SaaS Growth Hacking In 2021

2020 is about to end, and technology is increasing tremendously in an authentic manner in each of the fields. Do consistent growth in the technical streams most of the growth strategies are being outdated nowadays and need to be updated so often to take advantage of it. 

Especially when it comes to SaaS businesses, some useful entities like artificial Intelligence and intelligent bots allow the customers to get in touch with the organization through social media and other platforms. This technology is even valid in the B2B space. 

It is observed that most SaaS businesses are compiling the strategies and hacks, due to which they are getting a profit of up to 85%, which is a good thing. 

Well, we have shortlisted a few of the data about SaaS business owners in 2020 that each one of you needs to know if you are supposed to maximize the business value, so here are they:

Currently, there are more than 10000 private Saas companies globally.

Due to market saturation, most service businesses are currently acquiring more than 10000 private services, so the competition is quite high. It would help if you thought out of the box to get the most out of it to differentiate your company. 

The overall size of the SaaS business is about to reach over $157 billion.

When we calculated the data be back in 2014, it came to know that there was a lot of space available for such businesses. Still, currently, most companies are earning a decent amount of money, and the overall revenue is about to reach over $157 billion, showing the opportunities are much more. 

80 to 85% of online businesses use at least one SaaS application or tool.

It doesn’t matter whether you belong to the health industry or the technical industry, but you will always need to acquire the Saas application or tool to get your job done just in a while. SaaS business’s end goal is to sort out the issues that most online business owners face.¬†

Apart from this, it is also observed that the SaaS business’s overall reach is quite less nowadays just because tons of alternative options are available in each of the industry. That’s why it’s always essential to think out of the box to make your product stands out from the market.¬†

To attract a maximum number of users, it’s always essential to use some hack that will grow your Saas company tremendously in a consistent manner.¬†

How Will You Hack SaaS Business Growth in 2021?

We have broken down the SaaS business growth hack into the following methods to practice to grow the saas company. 

Common Customer Challenges


The current scenario is truly maximizing software’s potential as a service by involving it in every industry. I will recommend you not focus on wholesaling and provide the essential challenges to the potential consumers and implement them by serving the best quality product.¬†

According to research, it’s been found that the challenges faced by most of the SaaS business owners are quite crucial, and hence we’ve shortlisted the challenges as per the most that you can proceed with. So here are they:

  • Privacy
  • Security solutions.
  • Lock-in of the vendors
  • Lacking staff and cloud experience too.
  • Compliance with and governance too
  • Lack of visibility
  • Effective cost

You can also check your SaaS growth in 2020 by intercepting customers’ common challenges in a good way so that you will be able to facilitate user adoption at scale.¬†

Leveraging AI to Attract More Users


Currently, artificial intelligence is considered one of the most efficient ways to enhance your business capability. Especially when it comes to businesses like SaaS, there are no rooms available to accomplish the dream of making the SaaS product popular. 

For a better commitment, we have shortlisted a few application based upon AI that you can proceed with:

  • The product and content recommendations are one of the best in class and authentic toolkit that you should definitely crap for Cross-selling to the existing customers you have, and you can even nurture more leads.
  • Chatbots are the best way to enhance the SaaS business’s capabilities, just because through this, you can even get in touch with the users.
  • AI-powered churn prediction will help you to engage more customers and to generate more leads as well.
  • AI-based customer-supplier service will help each of the SaaS businesses to maximize product authenticity.¬†

Apart from this, let me tell you the chatbots are being widely used worldwide in the presence in are you just because it automatically sends the email or soft message to the users. 

Also, let me tell you that if you take the help of a chatbot, the chances of getting the most traction increases as people like the great customer support you can provide to grow your SaaS business in 2021.

Artificial intelligence is currently considered one of the best hackers to apply in your science business to maximize the overall authenticity and nurture more leads. 


The SaaS business is all about personal branding, so if you want to get succeed in the specific stream, then you will surely need to build your own brand while competing with the high profile vendors, and that’s crucial at a certain point just because most of the professional bloggers and digital entrepreneur do the same. It’s important just because most customers believe in the branding, so most of the saas businesses succeed.¬†

Apart from this, let me tell you that most businesses use to acquire the PR outreach to establish their own personal brand, so I’d you’re supposed to magnify the features to grab the latest competition throughout the industry.¬†

Content is one of the major platforms allowing users to place their SaaS products to grab as much traction. With the help of that, you can retarget the competitors in a great way. 

By doing so, you can even maximize your SaaS product brand and gain as much amount of a follower base, which will stick with you in the long run. Using the tool kit helps you gain actual followers who’ll stay connected with you in the long run.¬†


Ensure that the brand details must be consistent, which means avoid changing the name of your SaaS product once it’s been created. It can totally collapse your user base. More often, at the very first time, you can take much time to decide the name.

It helps you to integrate with the CRM software, which is a good thing. By doing so, you can also have a personalized attraction as well. 

If you’re supposed to make your words follow the action, you’ll always need to brand your product in a great way by emphasizing several marketing materials that make sense for the SaaS business owners.¬†

For maximizing the SaaS product’s overall sales, you can even assist yourself with the referral programs as well, which is a good thing. Well, you’ll get a couple of options into it:

  • Offering tangible rewards¬†
  • Integration of the logos into widgets section

Most of the renowned companies’ users grab the functionality referred to, which their user base gets increased drastically. But make sure that you will always lead to keep out audience attributes while applying for the referral programs.¬†

It’s been noticed that most of the companies used to serve financial incentives, but few of them also used to serve performance-based features and upgrades. It totally depends on customer demand, so make sure not to ignore this term.

Always keep in mind that customers usually work with the brands, and so the user base of the specific brand inconsistently increases without retention. So make sure to focus upon the branding of the SaaS product you’ve created to maximize the overall sales.

Leverage LinkedIn

In terms of B2B businesses, LinkedIn is the best source that one can proceed with maximum results. Although LinkedIn is specifically used to built relations with the customers and other corporate sectors related to the industry. 

You can drive in of amount of traffic towards our product just because it has a true potential to use all you need to do. Think strategically and gale the help of the LinkedIn platform for maximizing the traction towards the SaaS product. 

When we talk about LinkedIn, there are tons of tools that allow you to use LinkedIn in a great way to engage much amount of traffic towards your website, our Saas product. 

Lempod is one of the great tools that allow you to engage pods using the target audience that flows in your way, and the whole process is done using the LinkedIn profile. 

Once you take the help of lempod, all you need to do is expand your audience’s reach so that it will stick with your SaaS product for the long term.¬†

Expand is another great tool widely used worldwide for the outreaching maximum amount of potential customers, which is a good thing. A holiday to do is build strong connections between the customers and the product, and that’s it.

Always keep in mind that LinkedIn is very different from other social media platforms do because just within a few clicks, you can get it with the other LinkedIn users, so the chances of getting your brand to succeed in the online medium increase. 

LinkedIn content

Like the other social media platforms, LinkedIn depends on the content you produce. If you want to get the maximum amount of reach, you should definitely produce authentic content that will liberate your growth at a higher point.

Using LinkedIn, you can even share the white papers and the reports, which is a good thing. One piece of advice from my side is that you should definitely adopt the latest features that go on trending just because it will give you an idea to leverage the whole entity of LinkedIn usage.

By using the latest feature of LinkedIn, the traffic direction you will get is way more. 

Remember that the LinkedIn automation tool is just for selling purposes, so if you are supposed to maximize your brand authenticity and gain the maximum amount of subscribers, you should definitely adopt it from scratch that will surely leverage your business.

Join Facebook Groups

As we’ll know that Facebook is one of the most renowned and emerging social media platforms that is being widely used all across the globe and hence when it comes to the SaaS business, you should definitely adopt their features just because you can multiply the number of sales you are waiting at the moment.

To get started, all you need to do is join as much a Facebook group that will allow you to get in touch with the other saas companies to avail for their traffic source and drive it towards your Saas product. 

When we talk about Facebook groups, you get a couple of options that you can proceed with, so here are they:

  • You can create a fresh group for your product.
  • You can create a new relevant group that satisfies the product need.¬†

If your group is related to social media marketing, you should definitely create the group based upon social media itself; none of the Other tasks will be formed.

Whenever you create a post for your Facebook group or any of the other social media platforms, always remember that it should attract your audience and make sure that none of the mistakes will occur at any instance. 

We’ve shortlisted¬† some of the content writing patterns that you can proceed with to gain the maximum amount of potential towards the post, so here are they:¬†

  • Make sure to share the relevant posts related to the subsequent topic.
  • Make sure to submit the poster related to the inquiry-based questions.
  • Create Q&A question sets that’ll help you to stay connected with the audience that you own.

Once you start getting comments on each of the posts, you can share the emails you can do To your SaaS product. 

Facebook group helps you increase brand value, and that it also built a strong awareness and increases the authority as well, which is a good thing. Once you begin developing the trust between your product and the customers, the chances are that they will attract towards your product value and purchase it substantially. 

  • How you’ll grow Facebook groups.
  • Promote your Facebook group on several other groups that you own, email marketing, cold calls, etc.
  • Create relevant questions that will sort out other issues that most people face now related to the industries.
  • Make sure to ask other influencers to include your product for the marketing purpose.
  • Make sure to hold the contests that’ll surely increase the SaaS product’s overall impression that you own.¬†

While opting for the Facebook groups, I’ll highly recommend you to invest a bit of time in proceeding with the relevant amount of followers that’ll stick with you in the long run.¬†

Promote Your SaaS Product on Other Channels and Platforms


As we all know, currently, most of the social media platforms and other channels are consistently evolving their usage amount that can be used substantially to maximize your business value at a higher instance.

Growth hacking is one of the most important processes that you need to understand to get maximum traction towards the SaaS product. 

Usually, most of the top SaaS companies mainly focus on the big platforms to do some marketing about their product to get the maximum amount of user base. Similarly, you will have to approach your industry’s other influencers to get much attention to your own SaaS product.¬†

The pet advertisement gives you the initial boost to enhance the capability of your product. YouTube ads are the best way you can adopt, as it’s one of the world’s second-largest search engine platforms that is being widely used all across the globe, so you can take advantage of it by evolving your SaaS product into it.¬†

Instead of doing free promotions, I usually recommend paid promotions just because although the investments are there. Still, it can boost the number of visitors flowing in your tool. 

Subah show to check out every possible channel available in the market to discuss with them and start approaching as many advertising agents that’ll surely help you from scratch to enhance the tool’s capability.¬†

Affiliate Marketing


Affiliate marketing is a good way that you can proceed to get results quicker and in a passive manner. All you need to do is get started with Clickfunnels, a great tool that allows you to build your own affiliate marketing funnels, which is a great way to kick your business.

You can also provide certain commissions to the affiliate marketers to help you sell out your product in their own way.  This allows you to connect with the affiliate marketers and build a strong relationship with the other users.

When it comes to pet promotions, affiliate marketing is one of the great aspects that you should definitely acquire to get a decent amount of traffic passively that can be converted into customers. 

Most of the other emerging bloggers and digital entrepreneurs are acquiring the features of Clickfunnels for their personal purposes. This allows you to set up the SaaS business strategies, and that you can also gain decent traffic attention as well, which is a good thing. 

For the upcoming millennials and the SaaS product creators, affiliate marketing is a great way to start and boost the users quickly, so they will definitely acquire it. 

Final Verdict

SaaS business is considered one of the most efficient and value-added businesses of all time consistently trending. But to get the maximum amount of sales, you will always need to use some of the hacks you can proceed with. 

This detailed guide has shares the tactics that can be used to maximize your SaaS business value. Even if you are not an existing SaaS owner and starting it from scratch, it’s pretty good to begin with. If that sounds great, definitely check them out for a better commencement.¬†

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